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We invest in the origination, processing, packaging and supply of the following commodities. For trade inquiries, please send us a message indicating the required product, quantity, packaging, shipment period and destination. Staff from our trading desk will reply to you within 24 hours.


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Who we are

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The origin of our business dates back to 1991, when Founder and CEO, Nick Mashin was awarded a contract to supply cement to a company building a hydroelectric dam in Sierra Leon.  The venture to supply cement from Russian sources opened the way to other commodity markets.

Over the years since,  various agro and energy ventures culminated in the establishment of Canrex Biofuels Ltd. which continues to pursue investment and development of biofuel from algae. Where most biofuel comes from oilseeds such as canola (a Canadian hybrid of rapeseed) and soybean  and thus compete with the food chain leading to higher commodity prices, algae grows quickly and yields very high levels of oil; typical oilseeds used to produce biodiesel such as canola  and soybean yield approximately 50 gallons per acre, algae can potentially yield as high as 15,000 gallons per acre.  The added advantage of algae cultivation is that it requires enormous quantities of carbon dioxide which can be source from industrial waste outputs.

Our Businesses


Thus, in 2007, Canrex Biofuels Ltd. was registered in Canada, with a focus on the R&D and production of biofuels using algae.  However, inquiries began coming in for the supply of oilseeds.  From there it was decided that the agro market offered further opportunities.

Today, The Canrex Group applies its international experience to supply of a wide range of agricultural commodities including oilseed crushing, biofuel and logistics.

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Key Activities

AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES - Grains | Oilseeds | Feedstuff

Origination, processing, packaging, trading and logistics management of cereals, oilseeds, oils and feedstuffs. Main regions: Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Tanzania, Black Sea regions & India.

BIO ENERGY - Wood Pellets | Biofuels

Supply of Canadian wood pellets to the EU and Asian markets. Research & Development of algae based biofuel production.

Investment Opportunities

Complex markets require different investment strategies. Canrex has a strong financial infrastructure enabling us to actively invest in, as well as offer investment opportunities in the following areas:

Grains & Feed

Large scale production of agricultural goods | Leasing of farmlands | Bulk trade


Production of biofuels using Algae | Research & development of biofuels

Oilseed Crushing

Processing of oilseed: Flax, Soybean, Canola | For edible uses & biofuels

Our Team

In our team, we have the most hardworking and creative people. The people who are ready anytime to give their all in the work.

Lottie Vargas

The founder of Canrex

Belle Hogan

General Manager


Acquisition Considerations

Canrex Commodities will consider the acquisition of companies that operate in the field of agricultural commodities, related services or industries. Companies of acquisition interest should generally have:

1)      An existing management team that would be willing to remain on ownership transfer

2)      Should have an existing market share or customer base

3)      Must have expansion or growth parameters

4)      Preference for North American companies but well located South American or European companies considered

If you are an owner, manage or operate a business that you would like us to consider for acquisition, please contact us:


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